Lyrics to Hold My Little Baby
Hold My Little Baby Video:
I hope you find a way to bring it back
run and run, fireflies, a sneak attack
forgetting that you really must get home
you leave your shoes and laugh inside the pain
now torture is a reasonable refrain
I hold my little baby
magazines they're killing people just for fun
what that means, even I'm still thinking of
torture is a reasonable refrain
and numbers they keep coming up the same
I can't keep all the reasons in my brain
I hold my little baby
can't believe we made it so far on this run
please forgive me even if it's only just this once
all my little speeches all the smack
the point of it is slipping through the cracks
something makes me want to take it back
and hold my little baby
all I know is that you waited there for me
held your own like you had chosen not to leave
I wonder at the pressures in your mind
you let them work the coal behind your eyes
a precious thing is neither yours nor mine
I hold my little baby
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