Lyrics to Hold Music
Hold Music Video:
Hey you know my friend lisa
she's down from LA
we've been places like this
there always the same
we'll loosen the rope just enough to make you pay
say my memory is hazy
wer'e moving away
to rent a display home
avoid all the grey
2 bees in a swarm
the honey's stuck us by the hairhold music
give it to me baby dont you dare lose it

when we're sleeping in daily
there's ice on the road
i bought us a dragon
to lighten the load
he's keeping us warm
the blood keep flowing to your head
Hey i've never been stately
I'm legless at sea
my spirit has felt you since 1903
I'm trying to be normal
but there's evil in my head

hold music
give it to me bay dont you dare lose it

You're so dangerous
everybody's gonna hide out back
it doesnt matter that you're serious
move along sad face your cover's blown
cmon there you are
and we're outta space and you're out of space
i said change the beat fast
or your enemies will see you naked

hold music hold music hold

When we were out drinking
i found you a home
4 million in prizes
you left me alone
when we were forlorn
i found some poison in your bed
Though you may mistake me
I'll never be free
I'm stuck in the crossfire
between you and he
tattoos on his arms
he got a needle for a head

hold music
give it to me bay dont you dare lose it
Songwriters: BIRD
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