Hold Me (When I Die) Lyrics


Three Colours Black

Lyrics to Hold Me (When I Die)
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In this world of rare emotions,
In this world of tight chains.
You're the only one in this wide ocean,
You make the feeling of love prevail.
In the distance you're the shining light,
I'll try to find a way,
So I'm walking on, mile for mile,
But you're not nearer; you're so far away.

And the sun starts to set,
The horizon is bleeding,
The night arrives like a dark angel.

I'm lost in a deep forest,
I've lost my way forever.
The light fades away too quickly,
No chance for us to find together.
The clock's ticking, the last hour's fading.
There's no place left to hide.
The last thing you can do for me,
Is hold me, when I die.

I feel my heart it still is beating,
I know I'm still alive.
This cold night is all around me,
The real world is far behind.
So I'm walking through the darkness,
I hope I'm on the right way.
In my mind is only silence,
But my heart screams, I don't want to stay.

And you're giving me new power,
I feel you are near,
But the dark angel wants me to bleed.

My heart is drowning. I can feel.
In this arctic desert of my soul.
It's much too late, no rescue's near,
My mind's in rage, I've lost control.

The forest clears, an open land,
It hurts my eyes, the light's so clear.
I've finally reached it; it's in my hand
But now it's too late, my treasure dear!

Now that I found you
My heart will live forever.
I know I could never give up
And finally we're together.
The moon is shinning, time stands still,
There's no need for a place to hide.
Released for the rest of my life,
You hold me as I die.
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