Lyrics to Hold It Down
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Hold me down, I'm movin on the enemy now
For a cause, and he cause ya exort at war
I swore to be dedicated, always elevatin, meditatin
Bout the soldiers who couldn't make it
Take shit forever, that's my position, part of my condition
Is to long live the tradition of the stick n move
Get ya tools ready for construction
We prepare to build or destroy somethin
Brooklyn born, I be Steele on the real
And I feel like gettin it on, yo son what's the deal?
For some reason, niggas be fiendin
And when niggas be fiendin, they be quick to commit treason
But I keep breathin through, though the season do
Be seemin to get alot more hot than usual
So, who can I confide in, who can I trust to bust when I'm ridin
I don't need no last minute surprises
From those who pose as friends but they be lyin
I keep my eye on the snitch that's spyin
Plottin to brake down my whole enterprises
Some niggas soft but some niggas define shit
True soldier ready for war, so don't try shit
Why you get critical, cuz the spots held down by the general

[Chorus x2]
There's only a few that could ride wit me
There's only a few that could ride for free
I hold my weight plus yours, when you can't hold ya own
Cuz I know you do the same for me, so hold me down

Every clique got a soft nigga in it, believe me
That potray a kid he saw on the streets or in the movies
Tryin to do the same he seen on the screen
Got his big guns, Timbs, hoody and his jeans
Talk the fast talk but there's a pause in this walk
Rock his jewels, truck and he still eat pork
He get his little hustle on, he run with his major team
Crazy ass dread from Jamaica, Queens
Ain't never seen war up in his face before
Get his news from the barber shop/beeper store
But if you let him tell it, he's the last man standing
Talkin bout son, I held it down wit the cannon
Should of seen the way that I was blazin at the cats
Twist of the wrist, while I was pattin one back
Like that kid did to Menace, when he had the four pound
You know it's only right, I had to hold the fort down

Blazin wit ya friends, when we ridin
There's no suprisin, it's all good
Takin chances, in the cut every day
Tryin to big up, tryin to big up wit my master plan

[Chorus x2]

As a youth I would sit up in my room and dream
One day I became wit a ruthless teen
Little did I know that every step I took
Had already been signed and sealed in some books
So I took a look at what I got to work wit of course
And if granted by the source move on wit full force
What choice to choose, if I sin will I use
Sittin wit the reverend in my county blues

To which ever form you base your religion on
Live by the scriptures of the Bible or Karan
Don't burn bridges if you plan to make riches
The ones that you least expect to be the worst snitches
For a dollar, a nigga screamin holla out
Ya secret whereabouts, so they can come and air ya out
And took the throne, down the shoot dead and gone
The struggle goes on, so hold down ya dome

[Chorus x2]
Songwriters: Williams, John B
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