Hogtied Angel Lyrics


Chifra - Ep

Lyrics to Hogtied Angel
Hogtied Angel Video:
No candle can light this dark place happy
I look on traces of tragedy
Tears still wet and mould through these walls
When I was sober and clear in mind
I saw warmth and made it to my home
This crypt of putrefying flesh

[chorus 2x:]
Entombed, now in utter hell
Concealed, away from humankind
Dismayed by their liveliness
A Pharaoh's tomb built by suffering

Now crippled by intoxication
I realise this is hell
Is life eternal here
Oh, please - come and save me!

I know I hold the daggers
Five hundred blades at my heart and throat
Cutting with devilish slowness
Mars has turned its moons on me


Forever I shall endure
My souls burning ache
And I must prevail
Though my heart a thousand times will break

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