Lyrics to Hoes
Hoes Video:
Hoes Chorus times 3 (hoes you cant live with them you cant live without them they comin out the projects and you wanna take and drowned them) Yall know me the name be ill Shawn these hoes be stressin me just like ur baby mom. Now now the name be ace am I ganna have to bust a nut in your face, comin strait out the projects I be representin, and all the stupid hoes be stressin now sorry for the brake but now you got to shake. Chorus times 2 Now what you all lookin at me for you ain?t nuttin you just a bitch ass hoe I cant take no more cause when I be rackin in doe you be wantin some more. I see you stressin my dog ant that?s not right so I guess to night theres ganna be a fight, you all playin the game and slangin and bangin so if you ganna keep it real stop tryin and shake it! Now I said it once don?t make me say it twice you hoes be stressin like a group of mice, so Jesus Christ get off my case and brake it down nice don?t trip and strip. Chorus times 4.

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