Hitler Goes On Vacation Lyrics

Dahcy Boike

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Lyrics to Hitler Goes On Vacation
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It's a Tuesday morning
And I'm on the phone
Calling Mr. Hitler
But nobody's home.
It rang and it rang and it rang to my head
Then I got his machine and the message said...

"Guten tag you've reached Mr. Hitler
And I'll be out for 7 days
I've gone on vacation to the Florida everglades
There's no mobile signal cause I'm going deep
Please leave your name and number after the beep."


" Uh Hi, Mr. Hitler? Sir I hadn't heard you left
But I left all of my papers on the papers on top of your desk
Its Mr. Murray, you know from customer service.
Please call me back after you've heard this


Then a week past by, and he returned my call
He said
"Mr. Murray, I just got your message, and the papers on time
And must say that customer service is going just fine"
I said thank you when he started to say
"Keep up the good work, see you Monday"
I've got some stories for you

Hitler went on vacation
To the Florida everglades
He went to get laid
Every day and every night and every night any day
Oh Hitler why do you need to cheat on Eva Braun
You know she's got it goin' on
But I guess a man needs to be a man
The best that he can
Even if he rules Germany and every country in between
He's got to fuck a bitch
Every now and again to satisfy that lustful itch
He's going to die and he's going to make you, too
Fuck the Jews
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