Lyrics to Hiraeth
Hiraeth Video:
When will this feeling ever go away?
Everything's dead to me including myself
Why should I question if you ever cared at all?

After all you brought me into this world
Over two decades of empty words fill my head
What drove you over the edge? Was it me?

December: I remember the sound
Oh, it's over; I never left town
You come to me in my dreams; is this reality? Maybe when I'm awake I'm really asleep

You said if I get back to myself and escape this self-made hell
Time is told, "time is told" to help let go, but I never will

His last sun is rising; there's a deafening sound
The birds abandon the trees; in minutes the blood runs out
"I'm screaming so loud, nothing's coming out; these powerless lungs I could do without"
(The frequency's too high to hear)
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