Lyrics to Highwire
Highwire Video:
HIGHWIREI'm on a highwire, moving far above the ground;I'm on a highwire baby, watch me death-defying.It's getting dangerous; I'm feeling the juices start to rise,I'm on a highwire, and I'm alive.I'm on a wheel of fire, spilling my breath into th eground;I'm on a bareback cannonball chasing the speed of sound.It's getting dangerous - I'm feeling the crowd begin to rise;On a cannonball, and I'm alive!Sharp the dawn, the the morning light descending from the highwire;See the pair who bear the flame prepare to take it to the fire flierLooking down, down, down,Fair and warm the sounds that drift the morning from the live wire;Have to yawn, the horn begins to mingle with the sweet lyre,Going down, down, downCelebration swells the nation singing to the highwire;With amazing grace and sweet sensation captured by the fire flierLooking down, down, down.I'm on a highwire etc.

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