Lyrics to Highland
Highland Video:
Looking out and i wondring where i am While I´m stuck in the daily traffic jam I decide to get out and leave the car behind me Everywhere there are people passing by Empty faces and not a friendly smile Under stress, loneliness, a part of our city Now I´m finally have decidet I will leave it all behind And discover something better And I know where I will find Find a place of harmony, of laughter and of dreams If you want me, that is where I´ll be Refrain: I´ll be waiting on the highland With his wonderfull serenity Where the stars glow and the brooks flow That´s my way of life When the moutains on the highland and the nature is surrounding me When the wind blows That´s all i need, all i need On the highland when i was a child i would play with my friend, man, we were wild And we all loved the moors, the nature and it´s freedom And we went for ghost hunt in the mist I remember the first time i got kissed By the shy neighbor guy, who whispred "be my girlfriend" But longed for some excitement So I travled ´round the world After that I settled down and l became a city girl Want to parties every night and lived intensively Now I know it's not a life for me Refrain: ... Oh, my darling, I would have to leave her without you I am sure you´ll love the highland too If you join me I can promise You?ll stay until eternity I'll be waiting on the Highland With it's wonderful serenity Where the stars glow and the brooks flow That's my way of life When the mountains on the Highland And the nature is surrounding me When the wind blows, that's all I need Bonnie Highland, ´cause it?s my land you see All the mountains on the highland are embracing And surrounding me

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