Lyrics to Higher Plane
Ay Jack
I know they know
I know..
They can try all they want baby

This beat singing like a choppa full of lead
Sound like a opera when they whizzing pass your head
Pum wonder where is the symphonette
Pushed up in a cell gut him with the bayonet
I do that shit for real my nigga I ain't just saying that
We really been through hell this that devilz shit again
Drum on a AA-12 finna shovel shit again
Nobody in the world can fuck with Jack
Put up your jewels and your Euros cause I'm fucking back
Cause you fronting on the goons where its nothing at
How the fuck you not a goon and you the connect
That don't make sense down to my last legs
No more Act. its just Hi-Tech
Gun down your whole set (?)
No star, know DR, this shit timeless

[Hook: Ampichino]

[Verse 2: Ampichino]


[Bridge: ]

[Verse 3: Husalah]

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