Lyrics to Higher
[Hook - Raury:]
Got this feeling going higher
Higher, higher, higher
Got this feeling going higher
Higher [11x]

[Verse 1 - Raury:]
I've been waiting, I've been sitting thinking 'bout this situation
Like I'm MLK, I'm speaking out against the segregation
I can make it through the gate and open it for all my berthen
I don't mean to ruffle feathers, niggas talkin', bitches hatin'
Contemplatin' every single move you make and study you
Ready boo, niggas go through Earth and Hell and Heaven for a story based on Raury
Far important tryin' to force me to a category or a drama like a [?]
Holy Motorolas in my phone, I'm gon' call your motherfucker
I'm ruin you by twelve o'clock tomorrow
Not a scholar of my vengeance, I'm as spiteful as my father
I forgot his birthday back when I was ten, he doesn't bother me at all now
And if that nigga would call now
I'd rub it in his face like mothafucka, you missed out
Would always go to work but wouldn't bother to call out
You wanted me to hoop but mothafucka I ball now

[Bridge - Raury:]
The devil is a lie from Atlanta
He was ridin' on the MARTA
He was lookin' for directions
Had to swerve that nigga
Say bitch I'm on the move, and all these niggas stuck
I could live my life aloud and I wouldn't give a fuck
Ride with me, ride with me, I don't really give a damn
Jesus piece above my head, nigga you know who I am

[Hook - Raury]

[Verse 2 - Raury:]
Walkin' with a limp around the city of Decatur
Used a fake ID to buy some cigarettes from the bodega
Ate a pack of bad karma, didn't pay for Now or Laters
But my life is full of sufferings that happen now and later
How I hate it, come debate about design with the creator
Niggas talk about your swag but all the bitches double take
88 is an understater for the stallions in my stable
Women all around the world so I got flavors of the flavor
Flavor Flav cannot compete with me and please believe the leader sees
The weakening and strengthening between the thoughts of the elitist
He can beat the streets as people sleep within their beds so peacefully
Defeat the king, be it right or wrong, I don't think I'm clean
I think I'm addicted to the pussy and the nicotine
Stussy bucket hats and yellow teeth because of Listerine
Whats a better substitute, tell me who the fuck are you?
Now tell me what to do, you fuck with me I fuck with you

[Bridge + Hook]

[Outro - Raury:]
Moving through the high
In the sky ride high
Bitch you gon' ride high
Got these hoes mesmerized
Got these hoes mesmerized
Got these hoes mesmerized
Got these hoes mesmerized...
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