Lyrics to Higher ground
Higher ground Video:
Stumbled into a backstreet
bar just the other week
Showed my heart to a waitress there
she took a little peek
Sat down at her table
but I guess I was
a little too late I was a little
too late. She said,
"There's someone here
before you," so I turned
and walked away

Holy rollin', headin' for the
higher ground. Holy rollin',
I think it's time I'm
gonna lay it all down

I asked my fortune teller
"could you save me from this rain"
I gave her rhymes and pentacles
she gave me valentines for change
I offered her my broken heart
she offered me a glass
she said "Trouble'll buy ya' nothin'
here, what else do you have?"


I wandered through the streets all night
in search of another haunt
A woman in a doorway said,
"Is there somethin' that you want?"
I followed up the back staircase
she took off her dress
she showed me to her body
but she locked up all the rest


Can you see the guy before you
was he the dreamer that you knew
He's lookin' like a lover
but he's actin' like a fool
The highway keeps on rolling
like it's never gonna end
and love'll keep on rollin'
like a spirit in the wind

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