Lyrics to Higher Education
Higher Education Video:
Politics, social popularity,
Dirty-tricks, status-quo and MTV
What is hip? Fashion tips and football teams,
It makes me sick
It makes me sick

The last pick, Contracted a social disease,
Latest trends. Rumors in their hierarchies
What is hip? Student prez and the prom queen

Highschool tried to ruin me

Well, I'm not sure
But nothing that I learned
Was from textbooks
Or teachers
Or math class 101

I'm pretty sure
That everything I learned
Was from the so-called pretty girls,
The jock straps,
The cafeteria at lunch

I sat alone,
I had one friend,
I disassociated from their bull-shit
And waited till the end

'Cause highschool tried to ruin me
But somehow I made it through each day
One bloody nose,
One swollen lip,
But somehow...
I got away
So Hit me one more time

'Cause highschool tried to ruin me [x6]

But I know for sure
That their was one teacher
Who told me to make sure
That I followed my dreams
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