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War on Women

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Lyrics to High School Reunion
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Hey Adam, do you hear me? Its Eve, I'm talking.
Hey Adam, do you hear me? Do you need more than volume?
Hey Adam do you hear me when I scream like a banshee?
Hey Adam, do you hear me? Do you hear me? I'm talking.
All the non-eaters, they're the first breeders, thinking love is filling up with something.
Death by chocolate, or some deep dish will give me all the hips, if not for nothing.
But the baby weight you accidentally gained
doesn't shed like the guilt of fucking what's his name.
I got the invitation. I've had enough Caucasians.
The sticker for my name to cover up the shame of a big gigantic fucking-A.
But I took a chance; you just pulled down your pants.
Next time you can tell that dumb footballer "No".
You've been drafted for a war against your will.
A war we didn't choose but we've been bleeding for years.
Black men, white man, Asian men, Puerto Ricans, Samoans: you have to choose.
If you don't decide they'll choose for you. You're either with us, or you're against us.
If you're against us, fuck you.
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