Lyrics to High Germany
High Germany Video:
cho: Oh colleen, love, oh colleen love, the rout has now begun,And I must go a-marching to the beating of a drum.Come, dress your self all in your best and come along with meAnd I'll take you to the wars, me love, in High Germany.I'll buy for you a horse, my love, and on it you will rideAnd all of my delight will be in riding by your sideWe'll stop at every ale-house, and drink when we are dryWe'll be true to one another and get nmarried by and by.Oh cursed be those cruel wars that ever did they riseAnd out of merry England pass many a man likewise;They took my true-love from me, likewise my brothers threeAnd sent them to the wars m'love in High Germany.My friends I do not value and my foes I do not fearFor now my fine love's left me and wanders far and nearBut when my baby it is born and smiling on my kneeI'll think of handsome Willie in High Germany.

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