Lyrics to High Fashion
High Fashion Video:
You got to be yourself
High fashion
Living in the fast lane
Everybody wanna do the same
But you've gotta be yourself
You gotta be yourself

Time is passing
Do your own thing
No matter what nobody else say
Cause you've got to be yourself
You gotta be yourself

Little miss superstar
Riding around in a hot wheels car
Got the system crunk
And the Gucci in the truck
But you besta frown cause the money aint enough
Got a man that doesn't come home
But it doesn't look good if he leaves her alone
So she keeps on playing the game
She's going insane
Living up to them expectation

[Repeat Chorus]

Mister Casanova Brown
Gotta lock down all the chics in town
Tryna get to his bank account
Top of the world
How you like me now?
Menage tois 2 door garage
Different girl every night
But it still ain't right
But he keeps on playin the game
He's goin insane
Livin up to them expectations

[Repeat Chorus]

Take a chance if nothing else
And you've got to love yourself
And you've got to trust yourself
And you've got to be yourself
For you and no one else
You dont need no bodys help
Cause you've got love yourself
And you've got to be yourself

[Repeat Chorus]

You aint got nothing else
Just be true to who you really are
And Trust yourself
Believe in what's in your heart
And know it well
And don't you ever stop to be the best
Be yourself

[Repeat Chorus]
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