Hide Me From Next February Lyrics

Les Savy Fav

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Lyrics to Hide Me From Next February
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What holds you up,
when the earth lets you down.
What holds you up,
when gravity's corrupted.
I hope atoms are enough
cause eve sure ain't coming
the temperature's up in the afternoon sun
the hand threw the breaker
but the circut's still humming
the man tried to break her
but Miss. Switch kept on running

She ran from the papist,
she ran from the crown,
she ran to her study,
and wrote all this down:

"I want to keep the perfect flowers from the florist,
They grow in private deep inside the thickest forest
and when you snip them down
you almost hear them sigh.
There they're drying asking,
'why do we have to die?'"

What holds you up
when you're ready to go
what holds you up
while the seconds hand is sticking
can you feel them slip away
80,000 every day.

When one world says, "Wait!"
the next says,"Step aside."
When one planet says,"Stop!"
another says,"Let it ride..."

Fuck the boulders on the hill,
I see pictures in the clouds.
We've got little yellow pills.
We've got great big black shrouds.

We've got arms in the armory, Facts in the factory,
Sense in the century, This century of centipeedes,
this century lies.
I hope that we do better next time.

I would like to see the Tyrant's daughter,
so upset by what her father taught her.
I would like to see the tyrant's son,
so outraged by what his father's done.
I would like to see the tyrant's mother
so regretful she did not smother.
I would like to see the tyrants dad,
I'll bet he's glad.

Hide me from next February,
I've grown fat and I've grown tired;
Kick my ass now I was once admired.
I've grown tired and I've grown fat
but there's one more thing so much better than that,
I'm already gone.
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