Lyrics to Hidding The Lie
Hidding The Lie Video:
The ashes of my memory, taking my sadness roots
And showing to my thoughts, that I'm not strong enough
To be able to fly on this surreal sky
The ashes of my memory killing the lies

Nightmares of sorrow
Knifes cutting my decadent spirit
Laying down on depressed feelings
Seeking the holy truth
I can't believe this is all a lie
The most immaculate vision has been sacrificed
Forever, and the truth has never been revealed

The hammer creates the worst battles
Demons and angels making mutilated corpses
Everyday our eyes still not believe
That is impossible to stop the tears

I'm hidding the lie...
I'm hidding the lie...
I'm hidding the lie...
I'm hidding the lie...

Bloody tears of rotten wood, mutilated corpses
Screams and sorrow, infernal stars walking the sky
Surreal dreams showing t he knifes
The ashes of my memory hidding the lie...
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