Hidden Track (Track 32) Lyrics

Crazy Town

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Lyrics to Hidden Track (Track 32)
Hidden Track (Track 32) Video:
Fucking Crazy Town is dubbed dude
They're fucking gonna kick a new market wide fucking open
A new level of asskicking
If anybody fucks with them they're gonna get a new ass-kicking
and I'm gonna fucking deliver
Cause I have no fucking ties
I got no fucking contract
I got nothing to lose
Anybody fucks with us mother fuckers
they gotta fuck with me
and I'm gonna fuck 'em up
Cause I got nothing to lose
Don't fuck with Crazy Town
They fucking rule dude
Ya know
I don't know if they even know how fucking big they are already
I don't think they do personally
But that's my opinion
Your may yours may be different
Facts are facts
They're gonna be fucking huge
Get used to it
Fuck you if you disagree
You have no idea
Crazy Town

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