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Lyrics to Hi Hello
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You know i got it,
you know i care,
in any sens of a matter we look and stare,
if you've got it,
just let it be
we don't get ready to find just what you need,
if you don't know me
i just say hello
and everybody is just ready to let go,
you hear me callin,
ready to fall
for just a moment we're ready to give it all.

this is a call out, a call out for you,
i wonder how you're doin at all,
a call out, a call out for you.
i wonder how you're doin so:
Hi, Hello, How're you doin?
Hi, Hello, How're you do you do?
Hi, Hello, know what you're doin, when you say what you mean, see what i see, i know.

Say how many, you say too much.
Say, come get drunken, dance before we touch.
If i say jump, don't even try

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