Lyrics to Hey You!
Hey You! Video:
You, watching me, have no idea
how close I came to
a record-breaking heart attack
and all because of you
a silent look, believing me, to be just a fool for you
I love you (I love you too)
staring at me
you probably realized that I was staring too
you have this way about you that makes me feel so cool
and it feels like this
I don't think anyone could make it close to you
you're 50 miles up and always in my head
I'll meet you some day, again
I dream about you, I couldn't see your face
but I know it's you
the touch of your lips, the taste of your mouth
conclusions to jump to
a gorgeous smile
this warmth I've wrapped up in, and slept next to
how could I fuck this up
and then pretend it's you
this must be real, this feeling I have
of falling back to you
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