Lyrics to Hey Santa
Hey Santa Video:
Here comes Santa clause
Walking right down my street
I wrote him a long, long letter
He don't know what's wrong with me
Honey please
Come on home

There goes Santa clause
In his bright red sled
Wrote him a long, long letter
He didn't read one word I said
Honey please
Come on home

Now this Christmas will be lonely
If I'm waiting here alone

I stayed up late
I write, I called, it did not good at all
I decked the tree, I wish you'd just deck me
This ain't no fun

Here comes Santa clause
Coming back up my street
Baby's walking hand in hand
Man she sure looks sweet
Honey please, come on in

Now this Christmas wont be lonely
Cause I got you back again
Songwriters: ISAAK, CHRIS
Publisher: Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc., Universal Music Publishing Group
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