Hey Hollywood, Your Mom Lyrics


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Lyrics to Hey Hollywood, Your Mom
somewhere right now theres a girl thats cryin
she thinks shes too fat
too ugly
not tall enough
not tanned enough
not shaped enough

girl cant you see how good you look to me
so put down your cosmo
turn off the tv
wipe some of that crap off your face
cant you see your fine the way you are

hey! i could never be an actor
then again i wouldnt want to
hey! i guess ill just be myself
hey hollywood, your mom

somewhere right now theres a lonely guy
feels like hes losin the human race
sucks at sports
cant get a girl
never says a word to anyone

brother cant you see
that your all right by me
you got picked at basketball before me
ive also never kissed girl
these wise men in kung fu movies talk the least


honey cant you see
you dont have to weigh 80 pounds for me
dont need a mole on your face like cindy
you dont have to dress like everybody
cuz trends kill individuality
just be who you want to be

you look good to me...

your mom
your mom
you suck!
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