Lyrics to Hey BYU Girl
Hey BYU Girl Video:
[Parody of Plain White T's - Hey There Delilah]

Hey BYU girl,
What's it like in Provo City,
I mistook you for an Angel,
Blue and white make you so pretty
Yes they do.
The Wilk can't shine as bright as you,
I swear it's true.

Hey BYU girl,
Don't you worry about dating,
If you get sad and need some help,
You know I'll be relating,
Mormon 3.
That one has always worked for me.
Oh, can't you see.

Doesn't drink coffee or tea.
Her drinks are always caffeine free,
She always dresses modestly,
She has a strong testimony.
A strong testimony.

Hey BYU girl
I know you like to go play softball,
Just don't be late,
because our date is Saturday for Football,
I'm devout.
I love it when we rise and shout,
The cougars out!

Hey BYU Girl,
We've been dating quite awhile,
My non-member friends keep asking,
When we're walking down that aisle,
I tell them no.
There's only one place we could go.
I love you so.


The Cougareat is pretty far,
But we can walk there arm in arm,
We'll sing out hymns until the night is day,
Our friends would join in harmony
Like the good old days of Primary,
We'll sing out loud together,
And then pray.
You know that I can promise you,
Eternity I will be true,
My life will never ever be the same,
And your to blame.

Hey BYU girl,
You stay pure and don't you miss me,
Finals week is fast approaching,
And soon I will have my degree in the Spring.

You know that you're my everything,
Hey BYU girl wear my ring,
You know I want to be your king,
And then we'll sing.


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