Hey, Miss Fannie Lyrics

The Clovers

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Lyrics to Hey, Miss Fannie
Hey, Miss Fannie Video:
There comes fannie walkin' down the street
She walks so proudy and she talks so sweet
Hey, miss fannie, you sure look fine...
Tell me, please, will you be mine?

Hey, now... Miss Fannie
Hey, now... please, be mine

You'd become my highest desist
Listen to me, baby, please
You got me just mad for you
Please, don't drive me crazy, too

Well, let's go out and have a ball
I love you, baby, and that ain't all
I don't care what your mama said
Let's have a good time, anyway

Come-on, baby, let's go downtown
Rock, jump, mess around
We'll go to cabarets and bars
We'll hang out to left the house

Sugar sweet, so are you
I'm just crazy 'bout the way you do
My heart strings just go zing-zing
Every time you straight that thing
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