Lyrics to Hey, Ladies
Hey, Ladies Video:
Checkin' for emails from big titty females
Show me the puss so I know they ain't shemales
Get you on the cam, have you whip your shit out
Come to your house and rain away your dick drought
Bitch, I understand if today's a heavy flow day
Allergic to your mung so I came with some Flonase
Maybe if you're lucky, I'll take you to a con
Cosplay hoes, they wanna get it on

Nerd MCs with the illest style
Martian dick, bitches call green mile
Roll up in a Pacer, ridin' on spinners
Pull out my dick you eat it for dinner
Sittin' on a couch with a goth and furry,
Fuck 'em in the ass and cum a McFlurry
All day bitches bug me at my house
Bust in your ass then you clean it your mouth

Ladies, let's have some fun
We're gonna stick our meat in between your buns (Recycle Bin: dinner franks)
Your pussy is the port and we're plugging it for sport
Bitch, better get down on your knees

PC Speaker:
You don't have to go to the McDonalds drive through
You can have my McDick up inside you
We don't need to leave the crib if you want something to eat
I got a deep dick pizza and a 5-for-5 roast beef
Bitch, I met you on MySpace
You asked if I had a log for your fireplace
Got you on the floor and unbuttoned your blouse
You got mad when I kicked you up outta my house
Don't talk to me bitch, you know my M.O.
Said on my profile, I don't date a ho
I wanna love you in your butt till you pass the fuck out
Then I lean over, take a dump in your mouth
You're gonna have to clean my floor
If you spit that shit out, whore

Recycle Bin:
Like Karl Hungus, I be Logjammin'
Big-assed booties get the straight slammin'
I saw your n00dz on show_your_boobs
Fill you up with exotic lubes
Chill, don't trip, it's just my dick
I know you never seen such a monster stick
Whip off your bra and rub between your tits
Rest my balls on your juicy lips
I'll pull your hair, suck on your feet
And when I bust, it's "Ahhh, skeet skeet,"
When I'm done scratchin' your itch
Get your ass to the kitchen and make me a sandwich
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