Lyrics to He's God
He's God Video:
What makes a man want to tear away within
When we can't face the truth and it seems there's no end
There's a way we can come, there's a road we can take
Where we'll find the strength to start a brand new day

We hold back the tears and we hold in our fears
There's got to be more in this life to live for

He's God, forever and a day
He's God, He is the only way
He's God, He's the King on High
He's God...

In the storms of our lives when it seems we can't bear
The pressure each day, sometimes it's so hard to care
And our souls cry out, we've got to take a stand
Put our trust in Him, He is the Beginning and End

Leave our cares with Him and our lives He will change
On the road less-traveled, He'll show us the way

He's God... He's a Mighty Mountain
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