Lyrics to He's A Man
He's A Man Video:
He's never been a man of compromise Workin' like a dog ready set to sick his passion. He's the guy - can put you in a state of fright - He's a gambler he pays the highest prize till He's a looser he stands up every time and He's a winner because he knows the dirty tricks of life. Who's that fool who steals my breath away Who picks me up and kicks me down I don't know how. Who's that fool who always plays that game that I don't really understand? He's not easy he's not a dreamer He knows to break the rules and I know: He's a man. Don't you worry 'bout his flight moods It's so hard to know what he's feeling. I never ask him why he needs to be so free - He's a loner he wants to have his own way He's a brawler his nerves are shot remember He's a joker he's puzzling all the world and smiles at you. Who's that fool who steals my breath away ...

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