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Lyrics to Heroes In Godly Blaze
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Odin - the god of nocturnal storms
ranged the sky with his horse
deciding man's fate

When there was a battle on earth
Odin sent his valkyries
to mingle with the combatants and determine
which warriors should fall

And they awarded - victory and glory
to those combatants - who won their favour
After the bloodbath - they returned to Valhalla
announced to Odin - those who would join the troop

In the splendour of his holyness - he rarely appeared
but in a disguise - he travelled the world
creating warriors - so strong and glorious
from ordinary men
grew up so splendid heroes

Heroes in godly blaze

He knew the spells - which cured the illness
magic formulas - which broke the chains
Those which rendered - weapons so powerless
dead could speak, waves could rose
- by his magic spells
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