Lyrics to Hero
Hero Video:
When I go down, I'll go down screaming. Cause I'm not as brave as all that. I'll be that guy, standing there begging for mercy. Waiting for Superman just like everybody else. Cause when push comes to shove You can count on me to run for cover (cause a) CHORUS: Brave heart will get you killed someday, And I ain't ready to go. A brave heart will get you killed someday so, good luck going toe to toe, ‘cause me, I ain't no hero.

If you want what I got just come right out and ask me. Go ahead and leave your gun at home. Here's my money, my credit cards and my car keys. Now go away and leave me the hell alone. (CHORUS) I want to see the end of the game And eat the last scrap at the buffet. Be the only one who's left behind. When everyone else has gone away. I won't be remembered as a warrior or a savior, But when everyone who fought is gone, I'll be here, keepin' on.

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