Hero Ground Zero Lyrics

The Who


Lyrics to Hero Ground Zero
Gazing down from Skidar I can see the future
Music art and science are gonna bust
Oh but fair the bleeder in this labyrinth
This ancient archive full of dust
I'm a hero ground zero
If I don't take off I'll surely drown
I'm a hero ground zero
In the end every leader becomes a clown

Every rock star wants to make a movie
But the darkness she savors back to light
I won't go back to walk down music
From this old hilltop I'll take flight

I am a hero ground zero
In my place a clee lamp burns my eyes
I'm a hero ground zero
On my back is the heat of a new sunrise

You look so good like spring
I didn't know that looks could kill
And a pay rock could hear you sing
How many rooms can one note fill

You raise me up and then you drop me
I drank and sank absurd in stone
I was adopted by the angels
They said my future was postponed
I was a hero ground zero
I believe my stock has been thrown
I was a hero ground zero
I've had the shock of being dethroned
Of being disowned