Lyrics to Here We Come
Here We Come Video:
(feat. Vita, Ronnie Bumps)

[Intro: Irv Gotti: talking]
Man who gives a fuck nigga?
Who gives a fuck...
How ya love dat, how ya love dat (what is it)
Yeah, step inside niggas

[Irv Gotti: rapping]
Keep your fucking eyes open, observe, and watch this
(Watch me) Take the game, lock shit
Strictly for the gutter and the block niggas
(Where my niggas) and them bitches, GOTTI!
CEO, head honcho, boss
And all I do is break niggas, and make doe
Gotta make sure - all my niggas see
Murder...I motherfuckers, shit

Tell me how you want it, momma, lace it proper
Make hits hot, uh, can't shit stop her
Wrist rocked up - y'all know who that bitch
VITA, VITA, and who dat clique
The world's most dangerous
Sweeter then a mango, but hit when I aint...
So y'all better run, or it's murder when we come

[Chorus: Vita & Ronnie Bumps]
[Bumps] You better run!
[Vita] This clique I roll with they don't front they squeeze
[Bumps] You better run!
[Vita] This clique I roll with Murder I-N-C
[Bumps] Ohhh! Cause here we come!
[Vita] This clique done stack and fold that doe
[Bumps] You better run!
[Vita] This shit is murder I-N-C fo' sho
[Bumps] Ohhh! Cause here we come!

[R. Bumps] MURDER!

Please believe her, burn like cheeba, Vita, diva
Got thugs fiendin to met her
HOLLA HOLLA! All my ladies getting dollar, dollar stacks
Cause tomorrow ain't promised,
So I promise not to lose no contest
Shit, Murder Mami put it down
From Jersey to Uptown put them hands up now
Me and my ladies just ridin, vibin
Tryin to find a club to slide in
V-I-P! Yeah I know I'm that P-Y-T from I-N-C
BITCH! I know you want my spit
BITCH! I know you want what I got
BITCH! Hate me but I won't stop
Un-til I'm on top


Now ladies if you sippin Cris
Then sip it till you get drunk
All my thugs in the back
Sippin 'gnac get fucked up
One of the illest, uh, feminist when I zone
Sexy while the rest be silicone
To each is own, beats keep it authentic
Baggin bodies wit it, Gangsta chick!

[Irv Gotti: talking (Vita)]
Yeah that's right Gangsta Chick (uh, uh, uh, uh)
What else would you expect from Murder Inc. nigga (uh, uh, uh, uh)
(Uh, uh, uh, uh) *Chuckles
Y'all niggas better fuckin run!

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