Lyrics to Here In Hell
Here In Hell Video:
It's winter time in hell and all is well
Theres demons wearing speedo's, castin' spells
While satans in the gotto sippin' iced tea
A dozen devil women pull up
In a flaming red limosine
It ain't so bad, here in hell
I may not be in heaven at least I've got myself

Oh now its suppertime in Cuba, but whats new
Whats cold to them is hot to me until I met old Lu
666 degrees average temperature they say
Celcius, farenheit, who gives a shit
Its not cold and I can't complain
Course I'm felling swell, here in hell

I'm glad I'm not in heaven where I'd be sittin'
by myself, cause everyone I cared about know's
Up to heaven they wouldn't go, oh no, oh no

The rent went up in heaven today because of high demand
A few dollars in the collection adds up, I know, I did the math
So I'm sittin' down on this here grownd, it cost me less than a grand
It's 666 acres of burnin' red hot land, I found my home here in hell
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