Lyrics to Here I Go
Here I Go Video:
I'm not one for fortunes
Or wishing on a star
And I've studied all the stories
And what our chances are
Then my heart starts beating faster
And it makes this disaster worse by far
Still, here I go
Oh here I go

Now I know all the motions
The steps to every dance
And I count
cards at the table
I never bet on chance
I leave nothing to the goods
I know all the odds and even so
Still, here I go
Oh, here I go
Why, I don't know
Oh, here I go

You're not some romantic
You know, that's no surprise
And you're no good at small talk
Or little, loving lies

I'm awkward, ungrateful,
And sometimes, I'm hateful
as you know

Still, here we go

Oh, here we go

You know, deep down, I'm a coward
Afraid to let you in
But the only thing more fright'ning
Is to say, "what might have been"
So here I go
Oh, here I go
I love you so

So here I go
Oh here I go
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