Lyrics to Here He Come
Here He Come Video:
1 ) before i die touch the sky i get high up on thaplanetthe knucklehead panic make you say god damb itno automatic fanatic illmatic gettin locoindosmoke ain`t no joke blow up with the vocalthe local doughmoneymaker rumpshakeri make her mine don`t fake her and i take heri kick it for the industrie with creativitythe positivity makes way for the technologyno more digity that shit flowin on the medleythe record that i wreck it with a melody that`sdeadlysometimes i realize i`m blind and make manoeuvresi rhyme lines in my mind sign times and kill theloosersi`m paranoid from weed cause i`m blowing up thespotnobody move nobody get shotdrop start to trippin when i`m flippin like a devilthe rebel get a grip and strippin lyrics to the level2 ) i bring no homicidal tendencies knucklehead fromhennessysmoke the pipe gettin high fuckin all my enemiesthe illa killa thrilla got no mothafuckin nine millai kick a verse spit some shit like reggie milleri`m the richest bust a bubble like i bust the bitchesi`m comming from b. p. but i`m magic like the witchesi hit the switches kick new flava in ya earso tell me who`s the murderer of the lyrics thisyeari have no fear cash for hash and other eyesit ain`t funny honey makin money i realizeno lies cause i`m droppin rhymes flow over linesblow minds puffin my phillies for all timesdifferent kinds of styles my rhymes are made quickand if you act up you`re fucked up so eat my dicktrick big up big up i send this out to youmy brother zac; da dude; taz`n fuckin` crew3 ) yo who`s the illa killa representin the phat shita bit mystical crystal clear but a bad hitto get loose like payback i smack and your brain`sjackedmy style`s so fucked up like a junkie on crack blackthe macadocious mr. smoke this metaphorskill hearts from the starts i 3p in chargei`m like woah woah once again and fuck your blahblahcause when i come around i put my fist in yourpunanai`m untouchable like elliot ness in actioncause i`m moonwalkin over tracks like michaeljacksonprotection the ill phenomenon is on you like andi`m here with lmp to bite your ear like mike tysoni`m nice and i`m dissin you so sweet you think i`mkissin youkilllin you and then like puff daddy i`ll be missin youbaby have no fear cause illmatic is heresouthpole wear cause you fuck with the millionairechorus : here he come ya`ll here he come ( 8 times )he commin; he commin; he commin........he`s here

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