Lyrics to Here For War
You looked a gift horse right in the mouth
Reached down its throat and tore its song out
Taking bites out of the hand that feeds
Now there’s nothing left for you when you’re most in need
You become the heart that pumps the blood of defeat
Perceptions of grandeur, when you’re wanted the least
How can you be so wrong and not see it
Empty words on your tongue with no meaning

(I found a way to carry on)
I found a way to carry on
In the absence of you, i’m standing strong
Now i got a chance to write your wrongs
Even if you stay, To me you’re already gone

Nothing to offer. so much to lose
Can’t stand a leash so you fashioned a noose
No self control. left to your devices
And yet again you succumb to your vices
I Prayed you won't fail but i knew that you would
You never rose to the occasion and I knew you never could
Don’t try. Don't try
To apologize
You’re not sorry
I see it in your eyes
You Never bothered to step up to the plate
You were nothing but a second choice in the first place