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Lyrics to Here Comes The Ghost
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I'm waiting for the morning the gentle glow I know the light should have been here an hour ago But still the fog keeps drifting and something's out there My tears are freezing as I'm walking down the empty stairways He'll soon be inside, oh why won't he let go I see that ghost again I see that ghost again Who am I trying to fool, is it the white faced clown Though I cannot see the serpent I know he's in town It is that sense of chaos, that's getting closer Just as my story seems to go towards a happy ending Just as I feel I am the queen of the show I see that ghost again I see that ghost again It's getting near the end I can't believe I must face that fear again I feel so lost in the house that we shared The phone is ringing but nobody's there And just as I'm about to cry in despair I see a light outside my window the sky is cracking up, here comes the sunrise But soon I'm back in business still selling lies I'm shaking hands with a stranger avoiding his eyes And though his grip is frosty it feels familiar The words I try to speak become a chant of fright Just as I thought I could escape from the eternal night I see that ghost again... a.s.o.

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