Here Comes The Boom Lyrics

Mr. Vegas

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Lyrics to Here Comes The Boom
Here Comes The Boom Video:
Chorus:Here comes the boom(repx6)
verse 1: here comes the boom,boomin,bouncin,stalkin much walkin
walk with the bouncin
hit'em where it countsman
split'em have 'em spittin up blood like a fountain
Look at me like that
We might fight black
And if I, might end up in me taken your life
I don't,Go for the bullshit
cause divine down,and time is just too important to be f^ckin around
Chump nigga,I stomp a mud hole in your face
muthaf^cka,rip your butthole outta place
Cock the Glock to your head,let off about two in it
Yea its a dirty job but I just love doin it.
CHORUS:here comes the boom(repx6)
Mr vegas chorus:
all gangsta yout me waant fi si yuh guns high
Nuh cyata fi nuh fassy
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