Lyrics to Here Comes Now
Here Comes Now Video:
Meet me out
In the open sky
A perfect storm
Is on the rise
Beyond the city
Moving in as planned
Something comes
From a strange land
A trail of dust
On the building tops
It's everything
You've wanted

Here comes now
Ready or not
The future
Comes 'round
Much sooner
Than you thought
Here comes now
Ready or not
You rise up
With what you've got
It's much later
Than you thought
Here comes now

Staring out
Over the crowded scene
Ankle deep
In the fallen leaves
I feel the idle
Of a thousand dreams
In every stranger
Passing me
You are not yet
What you will become
Nothing is what it was


Between whatever comes
And whatever was
Sudden changes
Still somehow found us
If you turn back
Send a letter
My love is contracted
For worse or better
God speed darling
And never stop
Raise hell
With what you've got


(Thanks to Rafael for these lyrics)
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