Lyrics to Here Comes Horses
Here Comes Horses Video:
Help me to remember girl if you don't mind
Well I feel just like the jester when the music died
Haven't seen you lately,
But I know that nothing's changed

Feeling kinda shaky but the wounds have healed
There's a crack there in the doorway where the walls have peeled
And I still see the sunrise, on a clear day

Here comes horses
There goes the rain
Here goes nothing, here it comes again

I was thinking I was angry but I'll let it go
I was waiting on a miracle but nothing showed
And they say our new messiah
He's at the local bar

Greetings from the homefront have you heard the news
That daddy bet his paycheck on the horses shoes
And we won't feel that way for a long long time


Sitting in a taxi at the evenings end
I was trying to remember where it was I'd been and
Whether I've got someplace to be

I ask you why you come here you say just because
I guess I could do without it if I knew what it was well
It really doesn't matter, when you look at me that way

Songwriters: Yale, Brian / Thomas, Robert Kelly / Goff, John / Stanley, John Joseph
Publisher: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing
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