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(Brooks) Yup, yup, yup...come on, come on... What's Up?? Throw up those hands, we back again Thought we gone with the wind Where the lesbians? The booze, and the broads and the mescaline Born to win, born to sin, where we been? Off in the drama like a thespian Thought we might have fallen off, guess again Walking through Hell with a pad, a pen and a fucking grin I ain't scared of shit 'cause I've seen it all Bounce this time like a basketball Kill myself just to fuck wit'ch y'all If you stay fitter than a booty call Let's get this party started Run knee deep in shit with a moron Break a bong, sing a long, doing lines till the break of dawn Fuckin' bring it all on till the money gone Here come the demons (Danny) Welcome to my head I'm elated that you made it Excuse the mess, I'm mentally constipated Agitated and aggravated I know you're probably thinking "What in the 665 demons, per brain cell, in Danny's skull is going on?" Well, Hell, if you can't tell When I open my eyes the lights come on And I look out of these windows at Babylon And try to pick me a road to travel on But this digital gadget, he's sick, tragic He's strict and kicked in the dick called earth Acts to me like it's mad at me And I'll kill a motherfucker if it gets much worse I know I'm not the first to be cursed but it hurts, so GET OUT OF HERE Here come the demons All of this shall pass away But someone tell me I'm ok I lock the door and I draw the shades And pray to keep the voices at bay Well, maybe that's the answer To all the questions that I have And it consumes me like a cancer How in the hell did I choose this path? Show me my purpose Maybe I deserve this I'm tired of being nervous Here come the demons

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