Lyrics to Her Radiance Lost
Her Radiance Lost Video:
If I would have known the true worth of your words...
I would have ran from this love as soon as it came....
A promise was made we'd never leave each other's side...
When push came to shove, you took my heart and ran away...

No one makes me want to die in my sleep quite like you
I guess that's what makes you special
These cold, lonely nights take its toll as I'm longing for your embrace
And the moments we shared before you lied to my fucking face

At the drop of a hat, my existence is erased

How can you sleep at night as I lie awake screaming your name?
This is where I rot, broken and alone
Bowing my head in defeat and shame

I gave the world to you, I guess the world just wasn't enough
And now I'm falling apart as my worth dissolves to dust
I never realized until you were gone that I'm nothing without you
Wasting away from my worthless love that was discarded but ever true

I am ashamed at my foolish nieveity
I can't believe that I thought there could be room in someone's heart for me

I hope the look in my tear filled eyes...
As I begged you not to throw me away...
Will haunt your every dream...
Until your dying day

My faith in your kind is over and you're the one to blame
As long as I draw breath, I will forever curse your name
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