Lyrics to Her Last Words
Her Last Words Video:
was it really worth it - this unecessary try - the one that came from both - you and i - we both knew that this was it - and it sets its course - for sorrow and divorce - that come from her last words - wham - bam - did you see this one coming - who ever told you - told you things were that good - a miscommunication - some actions misunderstood - then snuck up on you - were het last words - did you think - itd be the same - you picture her doing it - over and over and over again - just one night - just one second - just one more beer - you can bet things have changed - that make her estranged - and result in her last words - did things not go - according as planned - was the answer more painful - then her uncomfortable pause - the pause that brought forth - her last words - what brought forth her last words

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