Lyrics to Her Body
Her Body Video:
not so long ago, a girl i know

she got knocked up (got knocked up)
she didn't mean to, but
she still was (it's no joke)
knew she made a mistake
had a heavy choice to make (hers to make)
but there is this old man
believes in just one plan (old as dirt)
he can't hear her voice
thinks she has no choice
says pro lifes the way
he's living in yesterday

i want to see, these old men
with the pro-life schtick (prolife prick)
who crumble everytime
they pass a kidney stone through their dick (their the p hole)
try and squeeze, a bowling ball
out of your butt (does it hurt)
until then,
keep your mouth shut (shut it now)
no voice, choice
no voice, choice
no voice, choice

it's her body

no one is the same
when your born
you have no name

it's her body
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