Lyrics to Hennessy-Yak
Hennessy-Yak Video:
Rapper slash hustler, got the gun, nigga
Ye know what it does
?, a robochick, know my shit
Nigga bust yo shit, none of us will knock yo bitch, nigga
Yeah, yeah, you know how it is, nigga
Y'know how it is, nigga
Yeah, yeah, yeah

I'm a real street nigga, nigga how ya figure
This is how I rhyme, rhyme with the vigor
Yeah, right on time, neva fall off the beat cause I got those rhymes
Got that freak? Wife in the bed in-between those sheets?
I'm like the Ozzy brother, she know she neva find anotha
Drink that Hennessy-Yak, then I start bendin' her back
I'm gettin' her back and when she feel how I freak
Then she know to come back, yeah
Cause the black don't crack, and the white ain't white
You don't want that fight, nigga (neva)
Two shots, knock ya out, my nigga
Yeah, nigga ballin' like the Rucka
Lemme interrupt this, like Kanye
It's a fine day, uh
Nigga like me fly er'day (er'day)
Back in 88' you snort that yay (yak)
Now cell cracked, just pump that
Plus pump chicks, meet that pussy I'mma let you give a lick
But you gotta pay 66 for the bitch
Yeah, pussy ain't free
D might be, but you ain't me
I'll knock yo hoe, take her to the moe
Yeah, you know
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