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Lyrics to Helpless Son
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Spring has come and brought me these
daffodils and lily leaves
I place them all upon your chest
I knew that it would come to this

I've watched your skin and bones give out
Wincing at the pain you've felt
Helpless son I am to you
If only science had a clue

Leaning on whats left of you
Tell me all about your youth

The boys you kissed
The men you knew
The places that were dear to you

And when the cancer ate your bones
you fought for life and you came home
If that's not love then I don't know

Spell it out in great detail
And I wanna know about myself

Was I the son you'd always hoped?
A worthy one, a spawn of both
a working man and the girl he loved

Are you proud of me?
Have I done enough?

Did I break your heart when I left the house
the moment I was old enough?

I only wanted you to see
That I could make a man of me

And I'll keep you close with all my might
And I'll always call you back on time
And I'll always try to be polite
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