Lyrics to Help You Ann
Help You Ann Video:
There he go, and he talk to you just like a fool
He's got no use for you now and that's why I feel the same way too.
Well he's done putting you down and as cynical as he can be
He spending money on some things that you used to give to me for free

Sometimes I get so mad
And I wanna hurt you
But I did the best I can
And I wanna, I wanna help you Ann

He's so bad he stole up all the money that you made
Yeah, he's got a use for you now, an apartment on the choo choo train.
Well he's no good for you Ann when I kill him and I'll snatch you one day
That's right I want you myself, spend up all the money I could save

So I'm back here again
Cause I wanted you so
Said I wanna be your man
And I wanna, I wanna help you Ann

And I wanna Help you Ann
Just as fast as I can
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