Lyrics to Help Me - Praise The Lord
Help Me - Praise The Lord Video:
Ahh.. Undatakerz

[Verse One: Thee Undatakerz]
Man I got my wet stick ready, machete and devil mask
Movin through yo' neighborhood I snatch up your ghetto pass
A true to life Ghost Rider, don't try to come block my lane
I'm Adolf Hitler in the flesh and I'm back, to kill again
Killin this game, I never show no remorse, feelin no pain
Still in this club with manic thoughts that I still kill in my brain
Feelin insane I'm goin crazy Manson blood in my veins
No matter what'll happen to me where I'm goin won't change
The stranger lookin through your window, drinkin blood in the rain
I can't explain these evil thoughts, I guess I'm goin to flame
But still I'm searchin for redemption like it's money and fame
We only got one life to live, a shame we live it this way

[Chorus: Undatakerz]
Praise the Lord, help me Jesus! (Jesus)
Praise the Lord, change the game (change the game)
Praise the Lord, help me Jesus! (Jesus)
Praise the Lord, change the game

[Verse Two: M-Balmer]
Father forgive me, I'm full of sin
But you said if I knocked, you'd let me in again
Since I was doomed from the womb
That's why I'm blessed I guess
Throughout the years, I done test the test
but still left 'em somethin left
After so many tears with this hard liquor, cigarettes by the ounce
Left with a wet one, ready to bounce
So amazin, everlastin love, bust a dub
Up in the club - what? Nigga what?!
I thought I told you where I'm at with mine
Momma born into this life of crime
Money murder and mayhem go hand in hand, you better feel me
These niggas real G (these niggas REAL G)
Contractions is yo' reaction, when I'm blastin
Laughin, shit you know these busters like plastic
Clock's about to strike 12, you better save yo'self
Midnight pass and last days, movin fast
Check yo' periphreal, y'all don't trust 'em though
Don't waste yo' breath, if y'all ain't got no flow
Don't waste yo' breath, if y'all ain't got no flow
Don't waste yo' breath, if y'all ain't got no flow


[Verse Three: Reverand Tom - Kool Keith]
Comin up the 101 freeway
I seen a ghost lookin through the window at me
It coulda been the smoke from the dank laced with PCP
Ambulance in the red light, stole these vanilla Coogi sweaters
Walkin into emergency
Sweat by the pound, heat off my side, I let off 30 rounds
Two girls in the car waitin signed
In the fake name registered under Don {?}
No Medicaid card, you can't see the doctor was hatin
Three hours in {?} room
I seen the mic on the floor; kids walkin by with some guy
that looked like a dentist with balloons
Lied on the application about the dust and mushrooms
Four cans of {?}, walkin out around supermarket lookin meaner
Embalmin fluid, 7-Up bottled, one liter
Air condition off, goosebumps I left on the heater
Empty rollin out 400 miles with no gas on the meter
Big Moe tryin to poison the hydro
Now y'all sound like diss
Tryin to shoot the dang
And yo I'm comin around here sniffin blow with Uncle Chris
Jacked Noel Christmas, I couldn't buy them gifts
Real twist, I was about to slice my wrists
With your tinsels and number two pencils


[Verse Four: Thee Undatakerz]
Resigned, design, remade buildings on shrines
Inclined to decline, pull your ass bone out your spine
Flaunt - these aftermaths don't procrastinate
A Jacky Jasper much faster, four pound blaster
Duct tape what raster, but just come from Bronx
Child you want somethin, nickel bags of dust, hush
Weak niggaz I don't trust, plus
I left the bathroom left somethin dere for you to flush, lush
Drink up quick, think up schemes, linger
Four carats in the crossfinger, ocean liner sinks so what nigga?
Government deluxe pine box rigormortis in a tux
Anthrax and chicken pox, my nickname's Fox
Stolen cars and dealing with rocks
When lightning strikes, suction cups, high voltage shocks
You look like Spock, dead, from imitating Biggie and Tupac
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