Lyrics to Hello New Day
Hello New Day Video:
Hello love, hello fear
Hello loneliness, join us all here
Hello funeral and ice-cold beer
Hello new day!

Hello baby teeth, hello grey hair
We try to grow grass now there's weeds everywhere
Hello whale, hello bum, hello just and unfair
Hello new day!

Well I feel lucky, I feel cool
What can I say?
Every time I give away a dollar or two
I find three more on the way
Now for better or worse, the whole Universe
Is singing along with every song I play
Hello new day!

Hello raindrop, hello sea
Hello jungle, leaf on the tree
I thought I was a bigger man, now look at me!
Hello new day!

Hello revolution, hello Che
Hello execution, hello CIA
Hello solution, it's our turn to play
Hello new day!

Hello friends, hello foes
Wounded Knees, Super Bowls
Hello highs, hello lows
Custers and Geronimos!

Hello blessing, hello curse
Hello cradle, hello hearse
Could there be any stranger Universe?
Hello new day!
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